Performance Evaluation

With the incorporation in the Employee Portal, we have made the use of the Performance Assessment System simple and agile, in contrast to excessively bureaucratic and rigid systems.

In this way, the Performance Assessment can effectively become a useful work tool, which cultivates feedback and helps us to identify areas for improvement for each employee.

The HR teams have less effort in the implementation and management of the system, and they gain time to value individuality and enhance the best of each one, in an organizational culture where people feel challenged to give their best.

Designed for Cloud

In accordance with the Cyberspace Security Legal Regime, it works in a SaaS model, entirely in the cloud.

To Cyberspace Security, we add Automation and Digital Transition, within the vectors of Training, Digitization and Interoperability, solving problems, eliminating barriers and increasing efficiency.

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Main features

Performance Evaluation

Objectives Scholarship and Competence Scholarship
Definition of scales of objectives and competencies
Definition of competency scales
Management of Rules and Weightings
Duplication between evaluation periods
Contracting objectives and competencies
Self-Assessment on the Employee Portal
Management of Final Assessments
Management of the Joint Committee

eBook - Performance Evaluation

Key Integrations

Contributor Portal
The HR platform that empowers employees, reduces administrative work for HR and interacts directly with human resource management systems
Software for Human Resources
The software for Human Resources, designed to integrate with the Employee Portal and facilitate access to the management of Human Resources and Salary Processing.
Unik Low-Code BPM Platform
The Unik Low-code BPM Platform enables the agile development of systems such as the human resources program, transforming it into a true Human Resources CRM
Accounting ERP's

Performance evaluation

Come and see what the Performance Assessment system can do for you!