KYC and Onboarding in Digital Banking

A new digital bank can deliver a fully digital onboarding in less than 20 minutes, including ID verification, anti-impersonation performed with live video chat, and contracts signed with an electronic signature.

Business Survival in Pandemic Context

Of course, businesses must sell more, cut costs, and generate margin in order to survive. However, the simultaneous execution of those three objectives in the middle of a pandemic context it’s an impossible mission.

Equifax – António Ríos Testimony

Equifax has been a strategic partner of Uniksystem in banking solutions for over 10 years. Together, we have supported the largest financial institutions to simplify regulatory bodies’ needs and compliance requirements.

Community Support Framework 2021-2027

The next Community support framework runs from 2021 to 2027 and will deliver around EUR 21 million to the economy, focusing on three vectors, “Demography and Inclusion”, “Innovation and digital transition” and “Climate transition and resource sustainability”.

DocDigitizer João Fernandes Testemony

DocDigitizer – João Fernandes Testimony

DocDigitizer offers this data capture solution with no code involved, zero setup, and unhuman in the loop built-in architecture, that can offer the scalability of machines with a quality that can only come from the human touch.

HRM & Payroll

Process automation is the best initiative to free up HR teams’ time and simplify repetitive tasks. In this way, your employees can focus on core business activities, evolve their careers, and positively affect the motivation and retention of talents.