IDP – Intelligent Document Processing 

We propose you a Challenge!

Imagine that, using Artificial Intelligence, it was possible to upload a document and a robot would return the data contained in that document, structuring them into data fields. Wouldn't that be awesome?

The role of chatGPT in IDP?

It is convenient to start by addressing what is Generative AI?

Generative AI (Generative Artificial Intelligence) is a tool that, in response to requests made in common language, has the ability to respond by generating text, images or audio.

ChatGPT is a generative AI tool.

Now, with all this buzz around ChatGPT and its fantastic capabilities, or around other generative AI tools available, it seems more plausible to you that a robot could extract data from documents, practically with 100% accuracy and that could deliver this information to you in a structured way?

ChatGPT, in addition to offering a multitude of advantages in its use, has above all the great virtue of having made ordinary people start to believe and value automation tools and the way in which Artificial Intelligence can bring practical benefits to their daily tasks.

The 4th Wave

In this regard, a partner company (Deep Analysis), headquartered in Philadelphia in the United States, has recently published a fantastic article entitled: The 4th Wave of IDP is Here.

Making an analogy, they claim that, since the 70's, humans have been trying to teach computers to handle “paperwork" for us, and give OCR tools as an example.

Of course, OCR will always have as a problem related with the accuracy of the “extracted" data and the need to previously teach the model to interpret each type of document, but even so, it was an interesting advance at the time.

The fourth wave means that, for the first time, machines can reliably classify documents and extract data, without the need to previously train with document samples (as in OCR).

UnikSystem already uses AI in its solutions

Uniksystem has long since introduced AI into its solutions to automate business processes and help organizations with the need to digitize their activities.

The two most evident examples of the application of Generative AI for the Intelligent Document Processing are the Data Capture Portal, which allows for full automation and digitization of the Accounts Payable process, and the Claims Automation Portal, which uses AI and ML for classifying and automatically handling complaints.

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by Ricardo Barros – Chief Customer Success Officer @Uniksystem