Claims Automation

Analyze and classify 100% of claims using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.



Data extraction

The first stage of Claims Automation concerns the data of each complaint.

The data fields are those generally existing in a complaint in the physical book and in an electronic claim, plus other fields that may be relevant to the organization.

Using Artificial Intelligence and “Human-on-the-loop" mechanisms, we extract data from all fields of claims.

Through the Data Capture solution, we deliver data with 99.9% accuracy, including handwritten claims from complaint books or letters.



The second stage of Claims Automation concerns the classification and classification of each claim.

Through the interpretation of natural language (the current writing of a human), using Machine Learning algorithms, we interpret the description of each claim and classify it according to the classification matrix used by each organization.


Follow-up and Referral

The third stage of Claims Automation concerns the individual treatment of each of the claims.

In view of the classification assigned in the 2nd stage, the follow-up or referral in force in the organization will be given.

Each claim will correspond to a process that may have subsequent steps, inside and/or outside the organization, and may even be automatically generated by the system, response or forwarding emails.

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Cloud or OnPrem

If cloud computing offers lower costs, greater scalability and affordability, on-premise solutions (OnPrem) provide greater security, visibility and control.

With Uniksystem, you can choose the most suitable model, and even change it over time (total flexibility), in line with the ever-updated business priorities.

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BPM Low-Code Platform for Digital Automation

“The Uniksystem Low-Code BPM Platform is the ideal tool for designing your own incident management and reporting process, as well as monitoring your information security plan. We build your cybersecurity process, based on good security practices. market and in the Benchmark of Uniksystem customers."

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