Data Capture

100% accurate data capture automation

In just two weeks, we delivered the digital solution Data Capture (DC) to two financial entities. We accelerated applications for financial support in the Covid-19 pandemic period, delivering finance more quickly to companies, to revitalize the economy.




Of your staff's time is spent on data entry tasks


Of suppliers call you to get an update on payment


Is how you spend per year processing 1,000 Invoices

21 Days

Is how long you take to process each invoice on average, from the moment you receive it until you register it

Automate the Processing of Invoices
and Regain Control Over your Business


Invoice processing automation


Supplier autonomy in consulting payment status


Decrease in the internal cost of processing 1,000 invoices


Traceability throughout the invoice approval process



Our Data Capture solution extracts the key information from your documents using Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and the sharp eye of our revision team, delivering 100% accuracy in the processing of those documents.

It allows for a structured collection of the relevant data extracted from all types of documents, regardless of their format or layout.

With Data Capture you can fully automate your information systems. Being able to gather structured data allows you to integrate that information easily into your existing ERP and other programs.

The new QR Code Reading feature allows for a more robust and streamlined solution, making it even easier and quicker to obtain the key information from your documents.


Data Capture vs. Other OCR Solutions

Does Data Capture guarantee 100% accuracy in the data that’s extracted?

Traditional OCR solutions do not guarantee the reliability of the data extracted and it’s up to the client to constantly validate all the information—even if it’s the wrong information!

Data Capture contractually ensures that all data is 100% correct, which means no operational costs for you related to manually validating the information.

Is Data Capture limited to specific document layouts, like traditional OCR solutions are?

Traditional OCRs, commonly offered by scanning brands, require you to invest in the configuration of each type of document in order to learn how to extract data from pre-configured fields. If the original document layout undergoes any changes, the system stops being able to extract that data until the new layout is configured in the system, leading to information loss.

Data Capture does not require any setup investment, meaning that the extraction of information from documents is independent of their format or layout. Since it’s an Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning process that interprets data and not data fields, it’s constantly teaching the system about new types of data to be extracted.

Data Capture zeroes in on compatibility with every type of document, from any supplier, regardless of layout or format.

Does Data Capture include document management workflows?

The existing solutions in the market require you to already have a document management and workflow solution on top of the data extraction solution.

Luckily, Data Capture combines document scanning, information extraction, and processing from A to Z. It also has a built-in low-code platform, following the BPM methodology that is compatible with BPMN.

How much time does it take to have Data Capture up and running in my company?

Traditional OCR solutions require complex and lengthy implementation, set-up, and adjusting processes in order to duly configure document layouts and data fields.

With Data Capture you’ll be up and running in only a couple of hours and, within 2 weeks, we’ll be done with all the document management workflow support (and relevant data). Plus, Data Capture is instantly compatible with all types of documents you might be processing.

What’s my return on investment with Data Capture?

You’ll find that most OCR solutions ask for a high initial investment for setup and support efforts, and a continuous cost for licensing and internal support teams.

The direct ROI from your investment with Data Capture sits above 60% from the get-go, since it’s not necessary to allocate your teams to low added value tasks, it ensures 100% reliability on data and allows for a document processing protocol adjusted to your needs.

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