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Documents handled by Data Capture

Documents handled by Data Capture

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Data Capture

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Traditional OCR

  • Receiving documents through multiple channels
  • No need to configure templates or templates
  • Self-learning AI
  • Various data export options
  • Data schema customization
  • Amount of data needed to train the model
  • Extraction of handwritten data
  • Approval and Forwarding Flows
  • Rule-based automatic validation
  • Cost and time savings
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  • Very High
  • Some
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  • Average
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How accurate is the data extracted with Data Capture?

Traditional OCR solutions do not guarantee the reliability of the extracted data and it is up to the customer to constantly validate all information, even if it is wrong information!

Data Capture contractually delivers all data with 99.9% accuracy, which means there are no operational costs for you related to manually validating the information.

Does Data Capture depend on pre-programmed templates?

Traditional OCRs, commonly offered by scanning brands, require you to invest in configuring each document type to learn how to extract data from pre-configured fields. If the layout of the original document undergoes any change, the system is no longer able to extract this data until the new layout is configured in the system, leading to loss of information.

Data Capture requires no setup investment, which means that extracting information from documents is independent of their format or layout. Since it is an artificial intelligence and machine learning process that interprets data and not fields of data, it is constantly teaching the system about new types of data to extract.

Is it possible to use the captured data for analytics, reports, and AI and ML projects?

The data captured with the Portal Data Capture is structured in a database on the Portal, together with the documents themselves.

In this way, they can be used for automation processes, for compliance with analysis and validation rules, for defining compliance alerts, and can easily also be used to enrich ML (machine learning) processes or be included in AI algorithms ( artificial intelligence).

One of the most common use cases of the Data Capture Portal itself is the automatic treatment and classification of complaints, which are processed, and through the interpretation of natural language and AI, structure automatic analysis and scoring mechanisms, after classification, enrich the ML algorithms.

Does it integrate with external systems such as ERPs, CRMs or Databases?

The data captured with the Portal Data Capture is structured in a database on the Portal, together with the documents themselves.

Taking advantage of the Unisystem Low-Code BPM Platform, on which the Data Capture Portal is based, it is possible to connect to various databases, external to the platform, as well as to consume existing services via webservices, APIs or services (SOA).

In this way, it allows integration with other applications or third-party solutions (existing or new), centralize access through Single Sign On, and define notifications via email or SMS for events and/or integration tasks.

Does Uniksystem guarantee support for the Data Capture Portal and guarantee the necessary training?

The Data Capture Portal takes advantage of the cutting edge of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms that support the capture of data from documents, and as such is frequently updated, a process that is facilitated since it is mostly based on cloud infrastructures.

Uniksystem’s teams guarantee permanent support for the solution, as well as adequate training to take full advantage of the solution, always working to simplify the experience and simplicity in its use.

What is the implementation timing of Portal Data Capture?

Traditional OCR solutions require complex and time-consuming implementation, configuration, and time spent tuning processes to fully configure document layouts and data fields.

With Data Capture, you’ll be up and running in just a few hours, and within 2 weeks we’ll have your document (and relevant data) management workflow fully supported. Plus, Data Capture is instantly compatible with every type of document you might be processing.

What is my return on investment with Data Capture?

You will find that most OCR solutions require a high initial investment for setup and support efforts and an ongoing cost for licensing and internal support teams.

The direct ROI of your investment with Data Capture Portal is above 60% since the beginning, as you will no longer need to allocate your teams to low value-added tasks. Portal Data Capture delivers 99.9% reliable data and enables a document processing protocol tailored to your needs.

Data capture for specific sectors such as healthcare, finance or retail?

It is possible to define data schemas (data sets), specific by use case, sector or industry, thus including use cases for healthcare, banking, insurance, finance, retail, government or regulatory entities.

Although the AI ​​algorithm is similar in any data capture process and for any documents handled by Data Capture, the way in which data is structured, stored and subsequently made available, can obey the specific requirements of each use case and even rules of encryption that sustain the data privacy necessary for each framing.

Thus, this knowledge in the definition of the data structure is transferred to the ML (machine learning) processes, allowing the fulfillment of the requirements and formalities of each case.

Ensure data security and privacy in compliance with GDPR, HIPAA and SOX ?

The Data Capture Portal is based on the Unisystem Low-Code BPM Platform, which, in addition to the privacy and information security capabilities of the databases of the main technology providers Oracle and Microsoft, also takes advantage of the security rules of cloud platforms such as Microsoft Azure, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) or AWS, on which the platform is installed.

In this sense, the data captured with Data Capture is in full compliance with the requirements of GDPR, HIPAA and SOX.

Is there a limit to the number of documents processed at once?

The Data Capture Portal has document batch submission features, thus managing any number of documents that are submitted to the Data Capture Portal.

In this sense, we can say that there is no limit to the number of documents handled by Data Capture, neither in terms of processing nor in terms of storage (which is constantly monitored).

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