Email AI Automation

Recent data shows that, worldwide, per day are sent and received 347.3 billion emails and it’s increasing every year.

It’s becoming a huge matter of security and productivity.

Why you should implement Email AI Automation


Handle emails manually costs you around 7.000€/year per worker (based on an average salary of 25.000€/year).

In spite of 60% of the people don’t expect a replies within the first hour, the fact is that on average, professionals check their email 15 times per day, or every 37 minutes.

In fact, 28% of the work day is spent reading and answering emails.


Handle emails manually increases the cybersecurity risks.

In an era of digital connectivity, cyber threats have become more frequent  and the hybrid working open the possibility to explore vulnerabilities and data breaches on employees’ business accounts, mainly through phishing emails.

In the US alone, in 2022, there were more than 20.000 successful incidents, causing a total of $2.7 billion in losses.

Whithout Email AI Automation

  • High Security risk
  • Inefficient prioritization
  • Low Produtivity
  • Unsatisfied response time

Whit Email AI Automation

  • Enhanced your security
  • Automatic prioritization and classification
  • Increase Productivity
  • Automatic responses


Inbox zero + Analysis

Eliminate manual analysis and categorization of each email.

The email AI automation follows an inbox zero policy and for each email, using AI supported by Machine Learning processes, analyses the sender, the subject, the content and the attached files.


Automate email prioritization & email classification

The Email AI algorithms first distinguish and prioritize each email by response urgency.

After, automatically, combines all the information analysed (sender, subject, content and attachments) and predicts its classification


Automate actions

Depending of its prioritization and classification, the Email AI Automation will take pre-determine actions.

It will automatically generate and send responses, forward emails directly to a department or a person to be handled immediately or create a process in to your workflows platform queue including all the relevant data into the process.

Cloud or OnPrem

If cloud computing offers lower costs, greater scalability and affordability, on-premise solutions (OnPrem) provide greater security, visibility and control.

With Uniksystem, you can choose the most suitable model, and even change it over time (total flexibility), in line with the ever-updated business priorities.

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BPM Low-Code Platform for Digital Automation

“The Uniksystem Low-Code BPM Platform is the ideal tool for designing your own incident management and reporting process, as well as monitoring your information security plan. We build your cybersecurity process, based on good security practices. market and in the Benchmark of Uniksystem customers."

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