Free time from repetitive processes,
and through automation,
give it back to people!

Why us:

Every day, we face new challenges. Everything happens very fast. You must be prepared to take advantage of opportunities, otherwise you will be overtaken, by progress and by competitors. We work to create tools that will allow you to be ready. To help you with an extra boost in your digital transformation, to keep you ahead of time and ahead of the competition. Prepare yourself to reach opportunities first. Boost your Digital Automation, Now!
We are proud to be part of JOYN, an international Group of IT companies with over 20 years of experience, with projects in more than 14 countries and 400 team members.

What we Value

Why we do it

We believe in people's value. We believe that we are tailored for great deeds, to be happy and to take care of each other.
To do that, people need time. And time is a precious asset, impossible to turn back.
So we believe that greater efficiency at work will result in greater productivity and thus more free time.
That's our goal, disseminate digital automation to give people more free time.

How we do it

We take on the commitment to improve and speed up the access to digital automation, simplifying lives and the organizations operations.

So we've created the Unik Low-Code BPM platform for process automation, simple to set up, easy to use, that quickly leverages Digital Automation.

What we do

We've created the Unik Low-code BPM platform, boosted by Cognitive Data Capture with 100% accuracy.

The platform facilitate Digital Automation at all levels, with a double advantage:

  • Through the workflow engine (iFlow BPM), without the need to program, development teams are autonomous to create, optimize and automate business processes.
  • With those created processes, users start to perform complex tasks, in a simple, fast and productive environment.

Are you ready to boost your Digital Automation?