AI-Powered Automation

Uniksystem AI-Powered Automationto Reduce software costs by 70%, deliver projects on only 20% of the total time, and increase processes efficiency by 80%.


Successful Use Cases

Consumer credit

Compliance to Banco de Portugal

2012 – In just 30 days we help Portuguese Financial Entities to become Compliance.

The Uniksystem Low-Code BPM Platform annually processes 90 thousand cases of non-compliance, representing more than 35 million euros of credit, for 7 banking entities in Portugal.


Validation of application data

2020 – In just 2 weeks, we deliver the digital solution for Data Capture and automatic validation of applications.

With the Data Capture Portal solution, we accelerated the analysis of orders and the delivery of financial support to companies during the pandemic.


Process Management

The Uniksystem Low-Code BPM Platform includes a graphic editor to orchestrate business processes and workflows.

Each process can be saved and reused, not needing to duplicate work, which allows your team to speed up developments and automate more easily.


User Interfaces

Build graphical interfaces with just 1 click.

Give your teams the ability to simply define user interfaces, adaptable to the needs of each business process.


Automatic (Re)Loading

With Uniksystem Low-Code BPM Platform, take advantage of Hot-Deploy to Tomcat features.

Empower your teams to put updates into production with a simple XML file, keeping the application running and without any downtime.


Any technology provider

Supported by Java stack, they don’t have any application restrictions.

It is supported by any of the major technology providers.

Cloud or OnPrem

If cloud computing offers lower costs, greater scalability and affordability, on-premise solutions (OnPrem) provide greater security, visibility and control.

With Uniksystem, you can choose the most suitable model, and even change it over time (total flexibility), in line with the ever-updated business priorities.

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