Unik Low-Code BPM Automation Platform

Product Editions

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Unik Low-Code BPM Platform


(billed yearly)
(billed yearly)
(billed yearly)
iFlowBPM: Version ControlCommunityStandardProfessionalEnterprise
Universal Web Interface (Responsive)
iFlowBPM Advanced Workflow Engine
Generic process template (sample)
API & Webservices support for interoperability
Process version control
Multitenant and Multiorganization
Multi-language platform
Employees IncludedN.A.50100500
Employees LimitN.A.50500N.A.
Employees Expansion Pack +100 users100/month100/month
iFlowBPM: Collaboration and sharingCommunityStandardProfessionalEnterprise
Share process activities Queue (Team)
Share processes or documents with secure link
iFlowBPM: File Manipulation and controlCommunityStandardProfessionalEnterprise
Document Scanning (Drive Twain)
Show a file preview for common file types
Provide document templates for users
Webpage Process initiation (with Editor)
Merge document templates with process context
Hot Folder Process initiation
eMail Inbox Process initiation
Document Digital Signature
Document Management Integration with M-Files
iFlowBPM: Workflows, Processes and Audit TrailCommunityStandardProfessionalEnterprise
Build Workflows with graphical designer (editor)
Build Web Forms with integrated editor
Send assignments to other users
Flow’s definitions storage in XML file
Process and document search (Meta-Data)
Document Workflow ‘Ad-hoc’
Implement advanced automated processes without scripting or API, using the Editor
Use full-text search from repository (file content and metadata)
Smart Search
Data Capture & Filing contentCommunityStandardProfessionalEnterprise
DocDigitizer AI/ML data extraction with: OCR engine and Semantic analysis, Human revision & 100% Accuracy (SLA), Pay-per-use
Bulk Load with Data extraction and structuring
Integrations and external data sourcesCommunityStandardProfessionalEnterprise
Open LDAP and Active Directory integration
External database integration
SOA Architecture (access via webservices)
SOA Architecture (access external webservices)
API support
Alerts and Notifications – email, SMS
Integration with document management systems
Open-Source infrastructure, Robust and Scalable
Cloud Ready
Product Support and SLACommunityStandardProfessionalEnterprise
Community support
UDW Academy and Content
Annual Platform support pack12h50h100h
Email support
Online Chat support (UDW)
Phone support8×5 SLA24×7 SLA
Support: Initial response time8×5 SLA
3 incidents
8×5 SLA
50 incidents
24×7 SLA
Business Solutions TemplatesCommunityStandardProfessionalEnterprise
Data Capture (100% accuracy ready)
Employee Portal
Employee Absences Approval
Employee Expenses Approval
Employee Performance Evaluation
Customer & Contracts On-boarding
Supplier Portal

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