Docdigitizer, is a cognitive data capture platform

We are an automation accelerator for any type of digital transformation software.

Providing the capability to transform human readable content into data.

We help companies to streamline labor intensive processes through automation

Optimizing productivity, customer experience and employee morale.

DocDigitizer offers this data capture solution with no code involve, zero setup and unhuman in the loop built in architecture, that can offer the scalability of machines with a quality that can only come from human touch.

Financial services and banks are one of our main customers in particular providing know your customer (KYC) automation.

Most of these customers have legacy software, in particular, legacy workflow softwares, where they undertake their business processes.

This softwares are not easy to adapt and this raises a lot of barriers in terms the introduction of automation..

We partner with Uniksystem to breach this gap, by combining DocDigitizer with Unik Digital Workboard, that is a low-code business process module software, that provides agility, to build and deploy digital business processes, fast and right.

Through the combination of our two platforms we open the door for the development of large-scale automation processes, within days, not months, allowing these financial institutions to benefit from process automation with unstructured data without the need for large scale complex and costly software development projects.

As a show case of this agility, DocDigitizer and Unik Digital Workboard where chosen as the solution to support automation, and aplication and lean management, of several covid-19 relieve programs for banks and public institutions.

Together, and since the start of this pandemic, we have process and streamline, hundreds of thousands of applications, in a period of great demand and pressure, over the backoffice teams of this organizations.

We are now applying the same principle and approach to insurance companies that want to streamline their claim management processes, to accounts payable and many other document intensive processes.

It has been a great partnership that I think we all benefit from.