HRM Self-Service Portal

administrative work and give acess to your employees to review and update their personal data, absences, vacation requests, annual statements and payslips.

HRM Self-Service Portal

Reduce 75% of
repetitive work

Level Up your HRM (Human Resources Management) Software:

    • Employee's Onboarding;
    • Employee's Documents Management
      (contracts, absences, vacations, payslips);
    • Personal Data Management;
    • Attendance register;
    • Absence Management;
    • Payroll Management;
    • Vacations Requests;
    • Perfomance Appraisal;
    • Communications Standardization;


Automation and agility that traditional solutions can’t match


Review and update personal data, payroll, abcense, vacation requests, annual statements and payslips, autonomously.


Improved communication between employee and human resources, allowing to create and manage notifications and general information.


In a single platform, centralize all employee documentation, from personal documents to contracts and payslips.


Reduce administrative burden by 75% and free people for other tasks.


Try it before you Buy it.
Request a Proof of Concept.


Dashboard and KPIs to provide immediate access to insights about goals & support informed decisions.

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About HRM Self-Service Portal features

It's possible for an employee to review or update its personal data without any intervention from the HR department?

Yes. In HRM Self-Service Portal it's possible to autonomously review and update data and automatically reflect it in HRM payroll system (UniPeople 360°).

It's possible for an employee to justify absences and insert supporting documents for the justification?

In the HRM Self-Service Portal, it is possible to view Abcense records and also to register the according justifications, including the supporting documentation.

It's possible for the manager to approve employee's vacation with a view of the entire team's vacation to which the employee belongs?

Yes, through the HRM Self-Service Portal, the manager before approving an employee's vacation can visually analyze the vacations already booked by the team to which the employee belongs.

Can the vacation management process be managed, in its entirety, on the HRM Self-Service Portal?

Yes. The vacation days to which each employee is entitled are automatically assigned on the HRM Portal. This information is made available to the employee so that he or she can schedule vacation periods independently.

This vacation booking request (as well as the change requests) follows an approval workflow by the Head who is able to view all of the team's requests.

After the requests are approved, the Human Resources Department can be notified and they are integrated in the Unik HRM Self-Service Portal.

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