Employee Portal

Reduce administrative effort, simplify people management and automate key HR processes.



With the Employee Portal, the hiring process can start with Onboarding.

The employee enters his data and necessary documentation, the system automatically generates the contract according to the templates of each organization, and makes it available for digital signature by ID Card or CMD.

Personal data

With the Employee Portal, employees have access to all their personal data, allowing them to submit update requests with the upload of supporting documents, reducing administrative tasks for the human resources team.

Employee Digital Dossier

Each employee’s documentation is stored in their Digital Dossier, thus replacing the physical registration files.

Alerts and notifications can be set for each type of document regarding expiration dates, renewals, etc.

Booking and Approval of Vacations

With the Employee Portal, scheduling and approving vacations is no longer done via email, paper or Excel, reducing the time spent by teams on these tasks by more than 80%.

The employee makes his appointment requests, which are analyzed and approved depending on the work team’s holidays.

Digital Point Chopping

Digital time clocking is one of the features of the Employee Portal, in perfect conjunction with working time records or time clocking on biometric recording equipment.

Time Registration

The recording of working times can be done directly on the Employee Portal.

In the same way that you can submit requests to justify absences, which will follow the approval flows defined for this purpose.

Maturity Receipts

Through the Employee Portal, any employee will be able to autonomously consult their Salary Receipts, as well as the IRS declarations.


It has an area for communications and notifications to employees with the possibility of including a checkbox in each communication to confirm that “I have read and understood".

The human resources area is therefore provided with valid proofs of reading.

Requests to Human Resources

Through the Employee Portal, any employee can make requests to the human resources area.

It is possible to respond in real time (automatically) to requests for declarations of effectiveness, or other types of templates specific to each entity.

It is a way of automating administrative procedures and giving autonomy and accountability to employees.

Dashboards and KPI's

With the Employee Portal, through direct integration with Microsoft Power BI, dashboards and indicators can be made available, segmented for each access profile.

The implementation team provides the most common indicators in Human Resource Management.

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Cloud or OnPrem

If cloud computing offers lower costs, greater scalability and affordability, on-premise solutions (OnPrem) provide greater security, visibility and control.

With Uniksystem, you can choose the most suitable model, and even change it over time (total flexibility), in line with the ever-updated business priorities.

Human Capital Management Software

The Unikpeople suite of applications has the “HRM" module for Human Resources Management and Salary processing.

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