Human Resources

With Uniksystem it is easier to manage your organization’s most precious asset: your employees. Our software allows a more practical and flexible management: payroll, contract management, training management, e-learning, overtime calculation, travel and subsistence allowance. We offer greater flexibility and speed in legal changes, as well as personalized support.

HR Uniksystem's Offer

HR & Payroll

Optimized payroll, vacation management, training registration and control, benefit management, performance evaluation, medical examination registration and control, management of independent and external employees, mandatory legal reporting and by sector of activity.

Colaborator Portal

All the data in the database is available in a web environment, allowing your collaborators to consult and request changes to their personal, professional, payroll and vacation data. Approval workflows are created according to the organization’s needs.

Training Management

Allows you to define which trainees, how, when and by whom the training will be given, its costs and results evaluation. Control and alert of the training hours accumulated by each employee and their cost to the company.


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