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Public Accounting and SNC-AP

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The Financial Management application module of Unik Digital Workboard ensures all public accounting processes under the SNC-AP, the budget preparation for integration into the General State Budget, and all reporting to UniLEO, DGO and Court of Auditors. Accounts. Our team has more than 20 years of proven experience with clients in Public Administration.


Unik Digital Workboard Modules


Budgetary and accounting management and respective reporting by public organizations, under the SNC-AP.


Payroll, vacation and attendance management, training, performance evaluation and HR Portal.


Ensures compliance with legal obligations such as GDPR, tax, operational and business.

Data Capture

100% accuracy in document processing, allowing data capture of any type of document.

Certified Integrations

Procurement Management

Save up to 30% on your procurement budget by optimizing the negotiation with your suppliers, stock management and supply.

Document Management

Organize your digital archive quickly and securely access the information and documents you need, controlling approval flows and different versions.


Reliably capture and classify data regardless of document type, language or format.

The Uniksystem solution guarantees the financial management of organizations, adapting quickly to their needs and the need of other departments. Its flexibility allows it to respond to legal and reporting requirements (SNC AP).

The financial area and especially the Public Administration, is always in constant change and has very specific barriers to its reality, where there is a need for great stringency and legal compliance, aiming at greater control and transparency of companies.

“It brings me personal and professional security. Professional because I know that we are able to comply with everything that is required of us, and personal so that I can be rested.”

Carla Aires, ISEL Accounting Department



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