Data Capture

100% automation capturing data

Free for 60 days

COVID-19 and the need for quarantine led to the activation of continuity and contingency plans and the displacement of teams to remote work. Uniksystem provides Data Capture software for free for 60 days to support companies at this critical time.

Data Capture is a cognitive data capture solution that uses Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning to deliver 100% accuracy in document processing, allowing you to capture important data from any type of document, regardless of its format or layout. It allows the registration of information in your internal back office applications or online services for on-boarding, without any human intervention.


Process any content, structured or unstructured, from an e-mail, PDF or photo.

We charge only for processed documents, with no hidden fees (setup or maintenance).

Forget templates and layouts, and get started right away, with no implementation costs.

100% accurate, structured data, with privacy (GDPR compliant) and fraud detection.

Average savings of 50% in operating costs.

We have several SLAs available, from 5 minutes to 72 hours.

How It Works:

Create your account

Choose which documents you want to process and which data you want to capture.

Upload your documents

Upload your documents via API, Zapier or using our portal.

Grab a coffee

Data Capture will take care of the work for you. Within 8 working hours your data will be available with 100% accuracy.

Get your data

Get your data via API, Zapier or by downloading a CSV, XLS or XML, through our portal.

You can start using it now without any implementation costs.

> Data Privacy: Prioritize the security and privacy of your data, protecting it.

> 30% to 70% of your employees’ time is spent on repetitive data processing tasks.

> 300 billion euros are lost annually worldwide in activities related to data processing.

> Frequent use cases include: orders (proposal) and investment expense approval, supplier invoices, employee expenses, identification documents, contracts, address certificates, bank account certificates, municipal licensing orders, KYC & OnBoarding at Banking, insurance claims management, new virtual SIM cards, new telecommunications contracts, among others.


  • Annual subscription with a minimum of 50 users
  • Expense submission process
  • Tailored multi-level approvals workflow
  • Alerts and notifications
  • Solution hosting (SaaS model)
  • Access via Unik Digital Workboard (UDW)
  • Integrated authentication with other applications
  • Chat, e-mail and phone support
  • Training
  • Everything in "Silver" +
  • Data capture (25.000 docs/year, 80-90% accuracy)
  • Integration with other systems
  • Everything in "Silver" +
  • Data capture (25.000 docs/year, 100% accuracy)
  • Integration with other systems

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