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The Unik Digital Workboard Compliance module allows you to track all the tax, legal and business obligations of your organization.

Gives you an overview of your company, controlling workflows and task execution, meeting delivery deadlines (VAT, IRS or Social Security) and avoiding fines. We are specialists in GDPR and compliance processes in the Banking area.

Compliance Dashboard

Compliance Modules Unik Digital Workboard


Comply with all the obligations of the General Data Protection Regulation and the Portuguese Data Protection Law (Law no. 58/2019), safeguarding the holders rights.

Real Estate Appraisal

Allows compliance with Bank of Portugal Notice no. 5 of 2006 and the provisions of no. 1 of article 22 of DL no. 59/2006, of 20-03.


Comply with Decree-Law no. 227/2012, of 25 October, and Bank of Portugal Notice no. 17/2012, of 17 December.


Enables compliance with Decree-Law No. 204/2008, of 14 October, and Bank of Portugal Instruction No. 17/2018.


> Controls the entity’s legal obligations in a versatile and intuitive way;

> Controls compliance with deadlines through alerts with e-mail and SMS notifications;

> Workflows are clearly defined in order to indicate to each user involved the necessary actions in each phase, as well as the respective deadlines and fines involved;

> Workflows allow flexible definition of all stages of the process and their status at each level.

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