CoE Java and React

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Simplifying digital transition complexity and get speed on deliveries, by combining agile methodology with technology innovation and the excellence of our development squads.

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CoE Java and React - Low-Code Development

CoE - Center of Excellence

Can CoE Help You Simplify and Digitally Transform Your Business?

Beat your Competitors!
Maximize the business value of IT investments by delivering high-quality IT solutions with increased Agility and reduce the total cost of ownership!

CoE Overview

The Center of Excellence (CoE) supports complex transformation programs in companies around the globe.
Our CoE now holds 6 dedicated competencies, leveraging technology projects together with business knowledge, soft skills, PMO, and user experience (UI/UX) in an environment of continuous learning and certification. We can also support our customers and partners in building their own centers of excellence.

Technology outsourcing allows obtaining a high level of specialization and quality of service, which would not be possible only with internal teams. This alternative allows to simultaneously reduce costs and transfer part of the operational risk to the service provider, with SLA's, while ensuring the focus on your core business. We add business knowledge in HR, Finance, and Banking, to our Tech teams.

Key Benefits & Differentiators

  • Lower Costs by 60% and Reduce Delivery time by 70% (with low-code);
  • Saving Time (67%) in Recruitment;
  • Access Senior Talent (Certified); Tech & Business Knowledge;
  • Reducing and Enlarging Teams with Agility (1 to 2 weeks);
  • Quick Access (<48H) to the Right Expertise (Speed);
  • Risk Reduction. Provide continuity and risk management;
  • Focus on core tasks & Promote growth;
  • Maintain operational control & Gain staffing flexibility.

CoE Java and React by Unik

Low-Code SW Development

With software platforms like the Unik Low-code BPM Platform, developers can use pre-build blocks to assemble them into workflows and applications without the need for hand-coding. 

It will save you 70% effort and calendar, with up to 60% cost reduction on business processes automation and operations efficiency.

CoE Java and React - Low-Code Development
CoE Java and React - Development Squad

CoE Java and React by Unik

Development Squad

Our SW development squads use our Unik Low-code BPM Platform to deliver applications in just 30% of the time with a 60% reduction in development costs, when compared to traditional software development. We provide UI/UX experts, together with Frontend developers, DevOps and Scrum Masters, with the right mindset and the right set of tools.

Less 60% on Budget (SW development)

Less 70% in Delivery Time

CoE Java and React by Unik

Data Capture with 100% Accuracy

The Unik Accounts Payable (AP), KYC and Onboarding solutions are supported by the Data Capture SaaS, to process any document related to customer's information, (from an email, PDF to a photo), returning structured and validated data, according to your own validation checklist and Compliance needs.

CoE Java and React - IT Sourcing
CoE Java and React - Nearshore Partner

CoE Java and React by Unik

Nearshore Partner

If you have trouble finding qualified IT professionals or if your team is short and can’t handle the software backlog requirements from business or operations, you can now gain flexibility and agility in the software development cycle, by augmenting your team, just for the right time to keep your business on track and deliver your peers a real competitive advantage.

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