Low-Code BPM Automation

DATA CAPTURE with 100% accuracy


Unik Platform

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With Unik Platform, organizations in a wide range of industries can tackle the application backlog, deliver cloud-based modern apps, and keep up with the changing needs of the business to drive future innovation: HRM, Retail, Financial Services, Cognitive Claims, Logistics, Customer On-boarding

Accounts Payable & B.I.

85% reduction of process cycle time for AP; invoices or delivery notes, from receipt to accounting into ERP.

Instant availability of KPI’s and dynamic Dashboards.
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Banking & Compliance

KYC, On-boarding and Pari/Persi compliance are some examples of delivered business solutions to support demanding requirements from the regulators, in just a couple of weeks.
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Simplifying digital transition complexity and get speed on deliveries, by combining agile methodology with technology innovation and the excellence of our development squads.
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HRM Self-Service Portal & Payroll BPO

Unburden humans from robotic tasks.

Deliver automation for expenses, absences, and vacation approvals, to simplify Payroll.
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Powered by a Business Process Management (BPM) engine, Unik Platform is an “Enterprise Low-Code Application Platform", a category evaluated by Gartner, that delivers total control on business processes, automating tasks, integrations (SOA) and governance.

Our tools help top-class digital transformation solutions reach new highs, enabling them to process unstructured information with unmatched speed and quality, enriching their current offerings.

Processes can begin or interact in mobile or web forms, hot folders, email inbox, webservices or another applications via API’s, supported by SLA management and real time notifications.

Real time analysis and KPI’s are available to users, to better decide and manage the business information, accessible anywhere and from any device.

The Unik Platform is available in a Cloud, On-Premises or Hybrid environment, and integrates seamlessly with a diverse set of tools and technologies, to simplify design and solutions delivery:

=> No-code OCR DocDigitizer, powered by cutting-edge AI technology, is a cognitive data capture service that turns any unstructured text into business-critical information.

=> BizAPIs business API’s, are an automation enabler service so you do not have to manually access external portals in your processes and have an automatic RPA service instead.

=> M-Files is a document management software designed to help find, share, and secure documents and information for organizations.

The Unik Platform was designed with a DevOps approach to operation in the main Cloud providers (Google, AWS, Azure), with audit functionality to processes and business data, in a secure and scalable way, based on the main application technology providers and databases (Microsoft, Oracle, IBM).

Main differentiating factors:

    • Visually Build Your Enterprise Apps ultra fast;
    • Reduce App Dev Time by 70%;
    • Reduce Costs by 60%;
    • Move from paper & spreadsheets to a digital collaborative platform;
    • Cloud Ready & DevOps (Google, AWS, Azure);
    • Data Capture – Documents Data Extraction with 100% accuracy, Pay-per-use;
    • iFlowBPM advanced Workflow engine included;
    • Seamless Integrations (SOA compliant) with DocDigitizer, M-Files, LDAP;
    • Low-Code, Secure, Auditable & Scalable Platform;
    • Compliant with Top Technology Providers (Microsoft, Oracle, IBM);
    • SLA Support Level according to business needs;
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