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One tool to access all your solutions and stats in a personalized way

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Uniksystem offers an innovative solution that brings together all your applications and stats, allows online purchase of all the different modules and gives you access through live chat to your personalized consultant.

Uniksystem's Modules


Ensures your organization's finantial and accounting obligations.


Payroll, vacation and attendance management, training, performance evaluation and an HR Portal.


Ensures compliance with legal, tax, operational and business obligations.


Ensures compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

What makes our solution unique:


Access to global business and performance stats, connecting all your organization’s applications.


Customize your dashboard daily with the features that are useful to you.

Business Process Management (BPM)

A BPM engine is built in to simplify and optimize any process in your organization.


Greater agility managing your team, by being able to directly assign tasks to each person in charge.


Get free from infrastructure costs and access your data securely from any location.

Online shop

You can quickly buy all the solutions you need: Finance, HR, GDPR, Compliance.


Chat connection to your consultant.

Talent Retention

Objectives’ Gamification (employee of the month and other digital trophies).


Integration of a board that centralizes all information for employees, acting as an intranet.

Uniksystem's Integrations

Procurement Management

Save up to 30% on your procurement budget by optimizing the negotiation with your suppliers, stock management and supply.

Document Management

Organize your digital archive and quickly and securely access the information and documents you need, controlling approval flows and different versions.

Talent Management

Retain talent through team gamification, training employees in e-Learning, onboarding new talent, evaluating and rewarding performance, and constant feedback between teams or with customers.


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