Cool Timeline

February 2020

Jorge Pereira is the new CEO

April 2019

New Website Uniksystem

New bet on Digital Marketing with a new website. We hope you enjoy it and that you’ll find it useful!
December 2018

Uniksystem grows 28,5% reaching 1.2 millions

The bet on the team and it’s technological potential lead us to grow 28.5% over 2017 and reach 1 million.
January 2018

Legal & Compliance Business Area consolidation

Strong demand for Uniksystem’s GDPR services. We demonstrate skills and professionalism supporting companies and institutions.
December 2017

Uniksystem grows 41%

Uniksystem grew 41% compared to 2016.
November 2016

New technology platform. Uniksystem Family Grows

Integration of iFlowBPM™ product and the entire team. New dedicated and skilled staff that reinforces the quality of our services.
April 2016

Facilities moving and Uniksystem brand

We grew and created a new space. We formally began to value the brand and our DNA.
December 2015

New growth: + 16% and 617 thousand euros in revenues

At the end of 2015 Uniksystem’s revenue grew 16% compared to 2014, with a turnover of 617 thousand euros.
December 2014

15% growth and 535 thousand euros in revenue

Uniksystem shows solidity and total turnover is 15% higher than in 2013, in a total of 535 thousand euros.
December 2013

Unik DNA leads to 465 thousand euros in revenues

At the end of 2013 the Uniksystem reaches a turnover of 465 thousand euros. We showed the power of our..Read More
September 2012

Uniksystem is born

Together they become officially Unik. On the 24th September 2012 Uniksystem is founded and gets in the Joyn Group.