Talent Management

About 80% of professionals intend to change jobs in 2020.*

In an era of digital transformation, it’s important to focus on retaining talent through team gamification, training employees with e-learning, ensuring the onboarding of new talents, evaluating and rewarding performance and keeping teams and customers in constant feedback.

*Source: Labor Market Guide Portugal 2020

Manage talents and enhance their retention with our apps:

E-learning & Gamification

E-learning solution with a gamification layer, where the performance of each user is tested and measured through rankings and reports.


Solution focused on welcoming and onboarding employees and the evaluation of services by customers.

Performance Evaluation

Solution for performance evaluation and management (top-down or 360 °), creation of development plans and customized objectives.


Solution for assessment and instant and continuous feedback between employees/managers, and services' reviews by customers.

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E-learning & Gamification

Benefits qPerformance:

> Test the knowledge of each employee;

> Establish goals to be achieved;

> Individual progression rewarded with winning medals.


Benefits qEmbrace:

> Company/service presentation through challenges (quiz, letter soup, treasure hunt, puzzle);

> Virtual tour;

> Videos and documents library.

Performance Evaluation

Benefits qEvolution:

> Optimizing process evaluation and performance management;

> Succession plans and internal mobility management;

> Analytical reports.


Benefits qForward:

> Promotes a feedback culture within companies and between services and customers;

> Registers and sends positive feedback (recognition) or need for improvement, associated with a competence and/or an event;

> Analytical feedback study.

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