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20 years of experience with Public Administration

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We know technology and Public Administration

We have more than 20 years of experience in the financial, human resources and BPM areas in Public Administration clients, and have a long history of implementing and integrating the most diverse software in the sector, always following legislative changes.


Our customers


Uniksystem's Solutions


Responds to your organization's financial and accounting obligations.


Salary processing, vacation and attendance management, training, performance evaluation and HR Portal.


Ensures compliance with legal, tax, operational and business obligations.


Ensures compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Uniksystem's Services


We implement the SNC-AP through our Public Accounting system.

State Budget

We prepare the draft budget for integration into the General State Budget.


We organize and launch your processes in General Accounting.


We ensure all reporting required from public entities by UniLEO, DGO and supervisory bodies.


Issuing, validating and sending pay processing maps, issuing the SIOE, closing the month, among other services.

HR Management

Admission and departure of employees, vacation management, preparation of annual reports.

Uniksystem’s Integrations

Document Management

Document management? Enterprise Content Management? It’s more than that: Intelligent Information Management. It allows you to store, organize, search, share and protect all digital documents.

    We have been working with the Public Administration for over 20 years. Ask us for a meeting: