Document Management

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Organize your digital archive and quickly and securely access the information and documents you need, controlling approval flows and different versions.

The dematerialization of processes exponentially increases the performance of an organization, reflected in it’s internal organization.

Our Document Management software organizes your digital archive and allows you to quickly access information, controlling all your workflows and their validations and approvals.

Artificial Intelligence

AI makes documents searchable and organized based on what they are, not where they are stored.

Prepared for Public Administration

Our software allows the fulfillment of Public Administration digital archiving standards.



Faster access to information, in real time and consequent cost reduction.

Process Optimization

Automation of tasks with mechanisms that facilitate and help human intervention.

Tracking Reviews

Record of who changed a document, when did it and what was changed.


Access control mechanisms monitor of who accesses the information and what changes are made.

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